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i-Sprint Innovations Pte Ltd

i-Sprint Innovations (i-Sprint) is a leading provider in Securing Identity and Transactions in the Cyber World. It’s product, AccessReal, is developed using bank-grade security practice that allow enterprise to minimize counterfeiting, track and trace product, and harness business intelligence for better business planning and personalized direct interaction with customers. Some features include anti-counterfeit, blockchain track and trace, loyalty/ rewards management.

Established in the year 2000, headquarters in Singapore, i-Sprint has two R&D centers in Singapore and Zhuhai (China). Over the years the company has won various awards and recognitions such as 2020 Singapore’s Fastest-Growing Companies, 2019 The 10 Most Trusted Authentication Solution Providers, featured in Gartner’s reports for 12 years, winner of Info Security Product Excellence Awards, featured in Cybersecurity 500 Listing, and more.

Currently, i-Sprint has already deployed AccessReal in industries such as pharmaceutical, food & beverage, nutrition, health supplement, FMCG, automotive, publication, cosmetics and etc.


  • Barcode - Serialisation, Digital Product Identity, Product Marketing Through the Barcode
  • EDI - B2B E-Commerce Solutions
  • Software - Warehouse Management System (WMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Inventory Management System, Supply Chain Management System (SCM), Product Authentication Software, Enterprise Application Integration, Security System

Product And Services

Unique Identity on Every Product
AccessReal provides a unique identity code to each product as an anti-counterfeit, and track & trace label.

Support Various Identification Tags
A unique identity is assigned to the product using an identification tag. AccessReal supports various tags such as barcode, QR code, clone-proof AR code, NFC, RFID.

Clone-Proof AccessReal Code
The world only Bank-Grade Clone-Proof AccessReal Code (AR Code). This code has all the functions of QR code with anti-copy element which will eliminates any opportunities for duplication.

Product Track and Trace in Supply Chain
By scanning a unique identity verification label, an enterprise can check the logistic information of product movement status, detect grey market and any counterfeit activity. Blockchain technology is also available to deploy in track and trace.

Real-Time Business Data
Geography is automatically captured in AccessReal’s secured backend system when a consumer scans a unique identification tag using mobile phone. A Consumer purchasing habits such as when, where, what is also captured through the scan. Captured data includes scan for enquiry, scan for authentication, and scan failure.

Consumer Engagement
Customized marketing system platform enhances the enterprise direct connection with retailers and consumers. Personalize marketing promotions/ messages will be pushed to the target audience to increase consumers’ awareness and sales. Options of using the system to do loyalty management, gift management, warranty management and more are also available.

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