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What is weCATALOG?

weCATALOG is an exclusive GS1 Singapore members’ one-stop online platform to create GTINs for your products, store and share your product information. By doing this, your products can be sourced and verified by retailers, marketplaces and other users.

What information is captured on weCATALOG?

Currently, 7 main attributes are required to be submitted to weCATALOG.

  1. Brand name

  2. GTIN

  3. Product description

  4. Net content

  5. GPC code

  6. Country (s) of sale

  7. Image

More attributes might be required in future as need arises.

What is the difference between old NEPC and new weCATALOG?

The ease of use for the user is the key difference. A member can now create a GTIN within 2 minutes. In addition, a new product sourcing feature is also introduced for members to source for products from other members.

What are the fees to sign up?

To obtain a login to weCATALOG, a user will be required to be a GS1 Singapore member. For membership information, click here.

What are the benefits?

weCATALOG allows you to digitise the product management process by enabling you to manage your product number (GTIN) assignment and have full visibility of the numbers generated and the remaining balance. This will reduce the reliance on paper that may get lost in the process. Additionally, GTINs issued will not be available for duplication or reuse, and the use of weCATALOG will ease the onboarding of a new employee who needs to manage this process.

How can I apply /signup for weCATALOG?

Existing GS1 Singapore members can proceed to access weCATALOG with your existing login. If you do not have a login, please email the following information to

  1. Name

  2. Contact Number 

  3. Email Address

  4. Net content

For membership information, click here.

Does existing members need to pay?

It is free for use for active GS1 Singapore members.

Is there a mobile app for weCATALOG?

Currently, it is not available. You will be informed should an app be available. 

Is there a fee for product image upload?

As part of launch for weCATALOG, we are currently offering FREE image upload (U.P. $8/upload) for a limited time only.