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DiMuto Pte Ltd

DiMuto is in the business of creating trust. We are a Trade Solutions Platform providing global supply chains with a trade technology platform built on 4Ts: Tracking, Tracing, Transparency and Trust – thus demystifying global trade and enabling collaborative commerce. DiMuto Track & Trace blockchain platform creates end-to-end trade visibility, and powers an all-in-one Trade Solutions Platform with trade financing, product marketing and data analytics solutions.

Established in 2018, DiMuto has captured global growth momentum with the support of key produce industry leaders in Asia and the Americas. DiMuto leverages cutting-edge technologies (such as blockchain, IoT & AI) to create and sustain trusts for businesses, consumers and communities involved in global trade. It has also formed strategic partnerships to empower trade financing in the agrifood industry, and to build global industry benchmarks for trade blockchain solutions.

Announcement of DiMuto Joining SPP


DIMUTO aims to build an ecosystem of seamless commerce by integrating the flow of goods, data, and funds. DIMUTO is a movement towards c-CommerceTM by leveraging the Blockchain, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine-Learning Technologies.


DIMUTO believes in providing growth and development opportunities by making these their Mission:

Maximising perfect information by allowing participants to share real-time data to optimise decision making and reward value creation.

Empower consumers to discover the origins of their purchases and to enjoy an offline-to-online integrated shopping experience.

Leveling the playing field between SMEs and MNCs through modern financing solutions.

Utilising the best available technology in the most applicable manner to transcend DIMUTO across industries and geographies.

Enabling participants along the supply chain to embrace sustainability and create a better world for the future generations.


  • Barcode - Barcode Readers/Scanners, Barcode Verifier, Labels and Printing, Digital Product Identity, Product Marketing Through the Barcode
  • Software - Supply Chain Management System (SCM), Traceability System, Trade Financing, Marketing and Branding

Product And Services

·       DiMuto Digital Asset Creation (DAC)

o   Tag your products and digitise them into trackable, traceable digital assets using DiMuto Digital Asset Creation (DAC)

·       DiMuto Track & Trace Platform

o   Gain supply chain visibility of your global trades on DiMuto Track and Trace Platform

o   Easily access relevant trade documents and product photos associated to individual products in every trade

·       DiMuto Trade Financing

o   Tap on trade financing opportunities when your trade products are tracked and traced by DiMuto

·       DiMuto Trade Network

o   Get access to new markets and customers as member of our DiMuto Global Market Access (GMA) network

·       DiMuto Data Analytics

o   Tag your products and digitise them into trackable, traceable digital assets using DiMuto Digital Asset Creation (DAC)

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