Certificate Authentication

Certificate Visual Authentication (CVA) Service

Do you know that a fake education degree can be purchased online for as low as US$200.00 a copy. How can you ensure that an education or professional certificate submitted by your employees is authentic? How do authorities and businesses ensure that their users are not mis-using the certification after it has expired? GS1 Singapore offers CVA service as a simple and unique solution for consumers and businesses to authenticate certificates. 

Introduction to Certificate Visual Authentication Service

Challenges to the Industry:

- Increasing trend of Counterfeit Certificates.

- No real time solution currently to verify authenticity of a certificate.



- Primary Level of authentication check based on visual comparison of physical certificate digital copy in real time. 

- Cuts down on the cumbersome and time consuming process of manual verification.




- Additional security features embedded on certificate to prevent certificate fraud. 

- Uphold company's credibility, reputation and protect brand equity

- Quick and easy process for end-users to verify authenticity of certificates

- Build trust and confidence in consumers who engage certificate issuers' services

- Provide Unique differentiation with Global Personal Identifier


What is unique about the CVA service?

- Visual Authentication is the only solution to prove authenticity of education /  professional certificates, providing an almost immediate visual comparison of the authentic qualifications against potentially forged documentation.

- The solution is in the form of unique application which assigns a Global Trade Number (GTIN) to every individual  certificate which differentiates it (the original) from the counterfeit.

- The product data is accessible via the internationally recognized and proprietary GS1 iGEPIR application (accessible via the mobile platform for iPhone and Android users) to quickly retrieve certificate issuers' information and digital images of original degrees, allowing users to compare visually.  


How to join?


Subscription Fees and Service Fees

This solution is powered by weCATALOG and GEPIR Network. You may contact us at 6826 3077 or email us at contact@gs1.org.sg for more details on promotion and service fees.