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Global Location Number (GLN) Registered User

All e-business transactions in Singapore for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) are required to have a GLN for party identification. A GLN is a 13-digit non-significant reference number used in electronic communications to identify organisations and their physical locations. 

For distributors who are getting their goods from their suppliers already printed with EAN Barcode symbols will still need a GLN for the purpose of company identification to conduct e-business transactions between their companies and the retail chains. 

Fee Structure

The application and annual subscription fees are based on the company's issued capital. All companies applying for GLN Registered User must complete the GIRO application form for GS1 Singapore annual subscription fees. A copy of the inter-bank GIRO application form can be downloaded here

Company with Issued Capital
(or fixed assets)
Application Fee
(incl. of GST)
Annual Subscription Fee
(incl. of GST)
Deposit* (Refundable)

Total Amount

Between S$0 to S$249,999 S$107.00


S$100.00      S$314.00

From S$250,000 and above S$321.00




* Deposit will be refunded upon official resignation as a GLN Registered User. 

For a company which is already a GS1 Singapore Registered User, the GLN is issued to the company free-of-charge.  For more information, please click here for more details.

  • All companies applying for the GLN Registered User must agree to the terms and conditions of the GS1 Singapore Grant License Agreement.

  • The application fees and subscription for the first year are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Application for GLN Registered User

If you wish to apply for a GLN, please click on the button below.


Company with Issued Capital (or fixed assets) One-Time Entrance Fee Annual Registered User Fee

D Single 13-digit Barcode* S$500.00 S$200.00 (per bar code limited up to 5 bar codes) S$200.00 x number of bar code applied. S$700.00

Please prepare the following documents before proceeding:
  • Latest ACRA Business Profile with an issued date not longer than 6 months prior to the current date of application.