Barcode Verification

In order to ensure all products supplied globally carry legally authorised barcodes issued by GS1 Member Organisations are correctly printed and scan first time, every time.

Fee Structure

GS1 Singapore Registered User:

GS1 Singapore Registered Users are entitled to three (3) free ID barcode verification tests (for linear barcode symbols) and two (2) free 2D barcode verification tests per year. Additional barcode verification to be conducted during the year, GS1 Singapore Registered Users will be charged a fee of S$30.00 + 7% GST per each barcode verification.

Non GS1 Singapore Registered User:

Companies which are not Registered User of GS1 Singapore will be charged a fee of S$150.00 + 7% GST per each barcode verification.

Turnaround Time for Barcode Verification Service

Ten working days is required for verification report from the date of receipt of the products.

Type of Barcode Verification Tests Available

GS1 Singapore conducts verification for products packages/ shipping cartons printed with the following GS1 bar code symbols:

 ITF-14 GS1-128  GS1 Datamatrix

When submitting samples, companies are requested to present complete, filled retail pack for each item in order for greater accuracy when making assessment of the bar code symbols in terms of print quality, bar heights, colour, contrast as well as location factors.

For cartons, it can be sent flattened for a complete assessment.


Please kindly fill in the GS1 Singapore Barcode Verification Request Form, together with the payment (by cash, nets or credit card).