Need a Barcode?

Process of registering for a GS1 Bar code or Global Company Prefix

If you want to bring your products to market, you need a GS1 bar code. Three simple steps to create authorized bar codes:

1. Fill up the online application

Start by filling up the online application for a GS1 Global Company Prefix. Once GS1 Singapore has allocate the prefix to your company, you will be able to create global unique barcode numbers for the products you are selling. You’ll need to provide your ARCA Business Profile information including paid-up capital details and provide your product listing.

2. Submit your payment via credit card payment or cheque payment by mail

The one-time entrance fee of $750.00 plus annual subscription fee range from S$750.00 to S$1,500.00 (with one year annual subscription deposit) will licenses the prefix to you for one year. After the first year, you will only have to pay the annual renewal fee.

3. Create GS1 barcodes for your products

After the payment has been cleared, your application will be process within 7 working days. You will receive your GS1 Global Company Prefix and new membership kit via email. With that GS1 Global Company Prefix, you can create the GS1 barcodes that will allow you to identify your products, track inventory, capture information, and share it electronically with your trading partners.

What is a GS1 Global Company Prefix (GCP)?

The GS1 Global Company Prefix is the foundation for identifying products and locations. It is a globally unique number licensed by GS1 Singapore for your company use only. GS1 Singapore is the only authorized provider of globally unique GS1 GCP for businesses based in the Singapore. Using GS1 GCP ensures that your products and locations are associated with unique numbers anywhere in the world. 

Click here for Frequently Ask Question about being a GS1 Singapore Member.