GS1 Singapore Registered User - Full Membership

In order for products to be sold in supermarkets and departmental stores through the point-of-sales (POS) scanners, all products must carry GS1 (formerly known as EAN/UPC) barcode numbers. A GS1 barcode symbol needs to be printed onto the product labels before these can be accepted by the retail outlets. The same applies to all products made or packed locally in Singapore. Companies that wish to put barcodes onto their products would be required to apply as a registered user of GS1 Singapore. 

Fee Structure

The application fee to join as GS1 Singapore Registered User is S$750.00 + 7% GST. The annual subscription fee is based on the company's issued capital. All companies applying for GS1 Singapore Registered User must complete the GIRO application form for GS1 Singapore annual subscription fees. A copy of the interbank GIRO application form can be downloaded here



Company with Issued Capital (or fixed assets) Application Fee (incl. of GST) Annual Subscription Fee (incl. of GST) ValuePLUS Pack (incl. of GST)

Deposit* (Refundable)

Total Amount**

A Between S$0 to S$249,999 S$802.50 S$802.50  S$199.00  S$750.00 S$2,554.00
B Between S$250,000 and S$999,999 S$802.50 S$1,284.00  S$199.00  S$1,200.00 S$3,485.50
C From S$1,000,000 and above S$802.50 S$1,605.00  S$199.00  S$1,500.00 S$4,106.50

* Deposit will be refunded upon official resignation as a GS1 Singapore Registered User. 

** Base on minimum barcode allocation for full membership 

Application for GS1 Singapore Registered User

We hereby invite you to become a registered user of GS1 Singapore. Companies that wish to join GS1 Singapore are requested to complete and submit the online registration form. 

  • All companies applying for the GS1 Singapore Registered User must read the terms and conditions of the GS1 Singapore Grant License Agreement and agree to abide by it.

  • The application and first year subscription fees paid upon joining are non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • *For further information, kindly contact GS1 Singapore office at 6826 3077. Written inquiries can be sent by email to or faxed to 6826 3070.

Document Submissions (2 files in pdf format)

  1. Latest ACRA Business Profile Form that is downloaded within the last 6 months;

  2. Item(s) listing with product information such as:

    1. Item Brand

    2. Item Name

    3. Item Description

Note: Healthcare Sector

Companies engaging in the manufacturing, packaging or distribution of pharmaceutical products or medical devices shall not re-use any product identification numbers for such products and shall be responsible for consequences of such violations, if any.

If your company is engaging in the manufacturing, packaging and/or the distribution of pharmaceutical products or medical devices, you will need to submit your supporting documents together with the application.

The submission of documents needs to be in PDF format. Incorrect and/or incomplete submission may delay the application.

Click here for Online Application Guide