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Intrasys Pte Ltd

Founded in 2007, lntrasys is a pioneer in RFID productivity and automation solutions. lntrasys specializes in providing customized turnkey solutions including lnventory Management, Asset Management and Realtime Location Systems. lntrasys is evolving with lndustry 4.0 where it augment its specializations and technologies into highly automated solutions that are imbued with Artificial intelligence, dynamic Machine Learning and self-improvement capabilities.

Intrasys builds the most integrated and comprehensive tools to achieve maximum visibility with intelligence. The best companies journey with Intrasys to attain operational excellence, drive automation and discover actionable insights.

Our suite of systems, Intrasys Ensemble, is the embodiment of our vision. It encompasses the most comprehensive set of AI-imbued tools, features and integration capabilities built from decades worth of industry experience.


  • RFID - RFID Printers, RFID Readers, RFID Antennas, RFID Tags, RFID Accessories, RFID Gantry, Sensor Equipment
  • EDI - EDI System/Software, B2B E-Commerce Solutions
  • Software - Warehouse Management System (WMS), Asset Management System, Inventory Management System, Supply Chain Management System (SCM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Application Integration

Product And Services

  • Intrasys Ensemble – Suite of Cloud Solutions for Productivity and Automations
  • Intrasys Flow (IMS) – Cloud-based Inventory Management System. Intrasys Flow for full visibility over your Inventory and its movement with real-time dashboard and updates.
  • Intrasys Keep (AMS) – Cloud-based Asset Management System. Intrasys Keep provides full-fledge asset overview in real-time and view it from virtually anywhere.
  • Intrasys Kith (PTS) – Cloud-based Personal Tracking System. Intrasys Kith features real-time location tracking for personal with multiple layers of tracking options and reporting.
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