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Authenticateit (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. – shping™ Singapore Pte Ltd

Shping is the world’s leading direct to consumer engagement platform, helping modern marketers discover, nurture and reward consumers for engaging with their products. Through unlocking the power of the barcode on a product’s packaging through a simple scan the Shping app opens up a 1 to 1 communication channel with each consumer for the brand to curate and design the optimum customer experience to improve sales now and into the future.

Shping also has the capability to offer brands serialisation and traceability of products using blockchain technology to allow their consumers the ability to check the authenticity of a product and see the complete provenance journey of that particular product.

Being a cloud-based platform with a highly interoperable API, Shping comfortably connects to any marketing stack, enabling brands to gain valuable insights into their customer's audience segmentation, shopping behaviour and content they engage with most driving future content and marketing decisions.

Trusted by 100’s brands across grocery, electronics, apparel and jewellery categories, Shping is a cloud-based platform designed to meet the needs of enterprise-level organizations to deliver results at scale.


Founded in Melbourne in 2012, Shping now has 20+ truly amazing employees and a global footprint with offices also in Melbourne, Singapore, China & Russia


* I-award consumer product winner Victoria 2014

* Google App store rating 4.2

* Food & Drink magazine featured Shping as a rising star in its annual awards

* Proudly supporting Australia’s 2025 smart packaging and recycling goals for 100% of Australian packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025 with APCO & Planet Ark


  • Barcode - Serialisation, Digital Product Identity, Product Marketing Through the Barcode
  • EDI - B2B E-Commerce Solutions
  • Software - Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN), Asset Management System, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Inventory Management System, Supply Chain Management System (SCM), Traceability System

Product And Services

Brand Story

We at Shping believe every product has a story to tell. Allow consumers to discover everything there is to know about your product through a simple scan of your barcode whilst they are in-store shopping.



Wouldn't it be great to know everyone who buys your product, now imagine getting to know those who did not go on to purchase your product. Shping can help you reach those consumers that are looking to make a purchase in your category at the critical point of purchase.


Blockchain Rewards

Use blockchain rewards token Shping to reward your customers for every action and engagement with your product, whether they are writing reviews, watching branded videos or following your social pages. Every action rewards your customer and influences their buying decision.


Build an audience

Every time a consumer scans one of your products they become part of your Shping App audience. That’s right Shping allows you to build an audience through your best asset, your product.


Personalised Lifecycle marketing

Every customer is different and being able to communicate with each customer in a personalised way is critical for success. Shping has a number of lifecycle marketing tools to nurture each of your customers long after the initial scan of the barcode. From personalised rewards, trigger based push notifications and advanced in app experiences and Shping has a number ways to deliver and retain long term customers. 


User generated Content

Uncover more meaningful insights about your consumers than ever before with Shping’s analytics dashboard. 79% of consumers say User generated content highly impacts their purchasing decisions and find User Generated Content 9.8x more impactful than influencer content when making a purchasing decision.


Competitions, Warranties and Loyalty Program Acquisition

Through advanced in-app experiences the shping allows brands to run and manage product purchase competitions, run cash back promotions, register product warranties and even invite people to your loyalty program. 

Sales tracking

Want to know how many product scans turned into sales? Easy! The Shping app incentivises consumers to scan in their purchase receipts for extra blockchain rewards. Our AI driven image recognition technology then records all of the information and populates the information in your dashboard for you to review.


Verify Authenticity & Provenance

To meet growing consumer demand for transparency around the supply chain, Shping enables the consumer to easily verify authenticity of a product and track the product’s journey to the store. We can even show the temperature throughout a products journey for perishable items 


Manage Product Recalls

Alert your customers instantly through the Shping App about product recalls. Manage risk to consumers and minimise the damage to your brand. Through the simple click of a button in Shping all relevant parties along the supply chain will be notified of a recall, including customers.

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