Why Demand for Color Labeling is on the Rise

May 19, 2020

In today’s global supply chain, the colors used in labeling can be just as important as the words or the label data. Demand for color labeling has moved beyond finished goods and businesses are beginning to see the importance of using color labeling throughout the entire supply chain.

The need to support color label printing is becoming more prevalent across all industries in order to meet evolving customer and corporate branding requirements. Also, new government regulations, which require the use of color, are leading businesses to completely overhaul the way they identify and label products. With these impending changes it’s becoming increasingly important to have a solution in place that allows companies to quickly and easily add color to their labels and adjust to shifting circumstances. 

  • The importance of color labeling and enabling regulatory compliance
  • Advantages of color labeling over pre-printed label stock
  • The increased demand for meeting customer requirements
  • How Enterprise Labeling Solutions enable support for color label printing
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