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Three Technology Trends for Healthcare Organisation to Consider This Year

April 8, 2021

Article Courtesy of Zebra Technologies

The global pandemic has increased the need to equip healthcare professionals with mobile technology that enables them to access files remotely and more efficiently execute critical care workflows. Those still relying on old technology systems or – worse – paper and pen processes, are hindered in their patient care capabilities, especially during surge demand periods.

In fact, 71% of U.S. healthcare workers said in a recent SOTI study, Critical Technology for Critical Care: The State of Mobility in Healthcare, that their technology and systems were not prepared to manage any situations related to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, 65% of global front-line workers now demand better technologies.

Greater access to data systems can help clinicians detect patient symptoms earlier, tailor treatments, track progress with greater accuracy and much more. However, that’s assuming that the data records are complete, accurate and continuously updated.

For this to happen, front-line staff must have the right devices in hand and healthcare facilities must have the right systems in place on the backend. These technologies must interface seamlessly with each other so that data remains quickly available to all authorized users and relevant systems.

Healthcare professionals should also be supported by technologies that help increase visibility and access to patients from remote settings.

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