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Smart Logistics: How it works

June 23, 2021

Article Courtesy of Mixmove

Save money, increase customer satisfaction and reduce carbon emissions in your logistics. Sound too good to be true? Not with the cloud-based solution delivered by MIXMOVE. Learn how it is possible.

"With companies like Amazon offering customers visible supply chains and same-day delivery, customers start to expect more from traditional carriers and suppliers as well. The increased demands, combined with an increasing e-commerce trend, force the logistics industry to innovate and find more efficient operations", Knut Fredrik Ramstad, CEO MIXMOVE, explains.

To make logistics more efficient and bring the industry into the future, MIXMOVE offers a cloud-based software that opens up and maximizes operations. The software is added to existing logistics management systems and provides control, visibility, and flexibility.

"And best of all, our technology utilizes your truck's capacity and increases the fill rate from 40 percent to above 90 percent. This saves our customers large amounts of money every year and reduces emissions", Ramstad states.

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