[Mixmove] How Implementing Supply Chain Visibility Will Reduce Your Costs

February 25, 2020

Supply chains are more complex than ever. Operations are not only happening within one single warehouse anymore but involves a network of resources located in different geographical areas. Globalization, multiple networks, and goods moved across more than one mode of transportations makes communication a challenge. In addition, there is also a constant struggle of becoming more customer-centric. 

All of these factors combined are exactly why supply chain visibility is crucial in 2020. Limited visibility makes decision-making difficult. Without an overview of the different parts of a supply chain, it is simply impossible to have a holistic view. This limitation is often associated with higher logistics cost. Back in 2017, Geodis found in their Supply Chain Worldwide Survey that only 6% of companies have full visibility, which is a  surprisingly low percentage. This needs to change in order for businesses to stay competitive. Therefore, it is important to understand the significant impact visibility has on supply chain management and costs.