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logi-Cloud Asia Pte. Ltd. joins GS1 Singapore Solution Partner Program (SPP)

August 21, 2023

Witness the future of supply chain excellence with logi-Cloud Asia, an emerging force in the realm of SaaS based Warehouse Management System (WMS), cutting-edge Light-Sort System, and comprehensive eFulfillment Services. As regional and local requirements for connected products intensify, logi-Cloud Asia is your strategic partner, reshaping efficiency and connectivity in the Asia region.

From HK to Singapore, our SaaS WMS and advanced Light-Sort Systems, powered by innovation, have already begun propelling business into new dimensions.

Building on our collaboration with GS1, logi-Cloud Asia is proud to extend its footprint as a Solution Partner in Singapore. This partnership amplifies our commitment to industry standards and paves the way for seamless connectivity.

As the future of business embraces connected solutions, logi-Cloud Asia’s transformative solution facilitates this understanding by providing real-time insights, control, and optimization. Our SaaS WMS ensures that every warehouse operation is in sync, our Light-Sort System accelerates distribution, while our eFulfillment Services integrate seamlessly, delivering products with precision, speed, accuracy and cost-efficiency.

logi-Cloud Asia’s robust platform empowers companies to digitize products, unlocking the potential to capture, structure, and share real-time value chain data at scale. This enables seamless traceability, regulatory compliance, supply chain transparency, circular solutions, and immersive customer experience.

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