Launch of World’s First Blockchained Fresh Produce Children’s Brand SazzyFresh Powered by DiMuto Trade Solutions

May 6, 2020

SazzyFresh, a global fresh produce brand owned by SLS Atelier, has closed a deal with DiMuto, a tech-based trade solutions platform providing end-to-end supply chain visibility for global businesses. Under the agreement, DiMuto will be digitalizing the entire line of SazzyFresh fruits and vegetables on the blockchain-based DiMuto Trade Platform for food traceability and marketing purposes.

SazzyFresh’s partnership with DiMuto allows the children’s brand to incorporate blockchain technology into its operations for greater supply chain transparency and food traceability. With its supply chain data uploaded on the immutable blockchain, SazzyFresh can now better track its fresh produce products as they move across borders, and better ensure food safety to provide peace of mind for parents when purchasing fresh groceries for young children.