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Introducing Neuro-T & Neuro-R | Auto Deep Learning Vision Software of Neurocle

August 20, 2021

Neurocle is specialized in Deep Learning Vision Technology
Article Courtesy of Zincode Technologies

Neurocle is specialized in Deep Learning Vision Technology.
Neurocle provides Deep Learning Vision Software, Neuro-T, and Neuro-R, with its intuitive GUI and Auto Deep Learning function.

These unique functions of the software can make non-engineers create the best performance deep learning vision models.


Benefits of Neurocle Auto Deep Learning


  • Make full use of domain expertise from end-users
  • Deep learning experts are non-essential

Fast Deployment

  • No re-training required, Optimized model being guaranteed with one-click
  • Without Delay, No external stakeholders involved

Cost reduction

  • Best for embedded processors, cut cost for large deployment
  • One license purchase for multiple accounts and device access