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How to achieve transparency and traceability in logistics

April 8, 2021

Article Courtesy of Mixmove

Tackling the challenge of supply chain control and visibility

Supply chain control and visibility are among the top challenges in logistics. Improving supply chain transparency is a high priority for many companies, especially in industries such as food and beverage, where consumers and regulators are pushing for more information on how products are made and transported from point of manufacture to point of delivery.

Supply chain visibility has significant benefits for all stakeholders in the supply chain - from manufacturer to retailer. An effective supply chain visibility, solution together with a well-developed traceability strategy, allows organisations to see where each ingredient or component came from and where the finished product is heading.

This end-to-end visibility is the key to resilient supply chains and becomes especially important when facing disruptions in the supply chain such as Covid-19. The visibility and the data provided by different solutions allow companies to significantly reduce supply chain risk by enabling them to either take action to prevent disasters or to respond to disruption by activating backup plans.

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