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Efficiently track containers and optimize transport workflows using RFID Asset Management System

April 26, 2022

Article Courtesy of SATO Asia Pacific

Goods are kept moving, leading to improved production planning.

NTN Corporation manufactures and sale of bearings, driveshafts and precision equipment. To meet rising market demand for high-mix, low-volume production, they needed to run their plant in a timely manner. However, they lacked visibility of when, where, and how returnable transport items (RTIs) were utilized, resulting in the following issues.

1.      Unplanned changes to production plans.

2.      Irregular tasks needed to look for RTI, reload goods or update records when switching RTI.

3.      Extra costs spent on additional RTIs and express transports.

After implementing SATO’s RFID Asset Management System, they use RFID to keep track of RTI quantity and location, with the following improvements.

1.      Zero disruptions to production and supply schedules.

2.      Smooth logistics flow, involving much less irregular work.

3.      Zero reinvestments and express delivery costs.

SATO provided a solution for tracking the quantity and location of RTIs such as pallet cages and containers that are used to carry and transport finished products. This enabled smooth production planning and warehouse dispatch, helping NTN Corporation cut related costs and adapt its worksite to rapidly changing market needs.

SATO Singapore is ready to help you with your asset tracking needs!

Visit SATO’s RFID Asset Management Solution (ASETRA) here.

Read the full RFID Solution for returnable transport items (RTIs) Case Study here.

What is RFID Asset Management Solution (ASETRA)?

It is a one-stop solution for effective management of all types of assets including equipment, tools, and RTIs such as pallets, racks and more.

  •   Stocktake, track and search assets with one system

Save stocktake time by reading multiple RFID-tagged items at once.

  •   Manage asset data across multiple remote worksites

ASETRA can be used for tracking of assets across multiple worksites with an RFID handheld terminal.

  •   User-friendly and easy to install

ASETRA can work with a user's existing asset management database and enable the user to assign an asset ID to the user's existing asset numbers.

  •    One-stop RFID solution

SATO provides complete RFID solutions including our printer, RFID media supplies for printing and RFID readers to suit customers’ needs.

All SATO's printers fully support GS1 standards to create barcode, 2D code, RFID encoded data that is recognizable by various devices and software.

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