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2EX Technology Pte Ltd joins GS1 Singapore Solution Partner Program (SPP)

February 14, 2024

By leveraging cutting-edge technology, 2EX helps reduce carbon footprint and plastic pollution. Our products enable accurate measurement of carbon footprint and plastics recycling ratios, aligning with our commitment to achieving SDG targets.

Our core services include “X Impact” and “X Plastics”. “X Impact” calculates carbon footprint “CFP” and recycling ratio (Plastics) from product codes (GTIN) via Barcodes and QR scanning. X Impact measurements consist of an algorithm to calculate CFP & RR and a dashboard to use it. It collects Product-basis data such as production, purchase data, calculate Carbon footprint (CFP) and recycling ratio usage. An International Standardized Product Identification code GTIN represents “which company, which product”, ”product data” and predicted “impact measurements”. There is also a dashboard for using the algorithm, which provides carbon, recycling visualization as well as ESG reporting functionality. Its features consist of Consumer Climate Data, Sustainable Behaviour Analysis and Consumption, Consumer Eco-Engagements, and Impact Reporting. “X Plastics” is a suite of plastic sustainability solutions tailored to measure, goal set, strategize, implement, and communicate operational and ESG priorities. It collects Product-based data such as Plastic Footprint Assessments, CDP Plastic Disclosure, Recycled Content Sourcing, and Recycling Feedstock Sourcing. Simply scan barcodes or QR codes to instantly access insightful data on your products' carbon footprint and plastic usage. Our user-friendly dashboard allows you to visually track your progress and utilize built-in ESG reporting tools for seamless communication.

Our mission is to reduce global heating by applying Cutting Edge Technologies to product-level impact measurements analyzing carbon footprint (CFP), recycling ratio (Plastic) and contributing to a circular economy. We conduct applied industrial-based solutions to test what leads companies to change their minds about the climate, and what leads them to change their actions. We put these insights to work in partnership with communities and policymakers. The next step requires embracing innovation and active collaboration with other stakeholders to effect holistic and meaningful change.

Partner with 2EX and empower your business to contribute to a healthier planet. Together, we can achieve the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and adapt to the challenges of climate change. We work with companies across various sectors such as supply chains, e-commerce, apparel, food & beverage, cosmetics & personal care, financial institutions, and fintech companies in APAC, Japan, and Australia/New Zealand.

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