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Membership/Bar Code FAQ

I need to bar code my product, what do I have to do?

You need to join GS1 Singapore as a licensee member and acquire a prefix number. This prefix allows you to identify your products with internationally unique numbers represented in bar code form.

Why should I join GS1 Singapore?

Any company, organisation or sole trader who wants the benefits of the world's only open, global standards for product identification and barcoding must join the non-profit GS1 organisation.   With the growth of electronic commerce, the GS1 system is growing rapidly beyond its retail base. Virtually everyone in the supply chain, including the likes of transport operators and packaging manufacturers should consider GS1 membership to improve efficiency and to maintain their competitive edge.

Where a large organisation has multiple business divisions, each independent business unit should join GS1 and have its own membership number. This ensures that each business unit is uniquely identified when it produces or markets products, issues invoices, and receives payments. To become a member of GS1 Singapore, please complete online registration.

How do I create a barcode with GS1 Singapore?

Register for a company prefix to get started. This registration process is simple and requires some basic information about your company and a registration fee. Once you receive your prefix, you can create barcode numbers (GTINs) for each product you're selling.

How long does it take to receive my company prefix?

Once all required documents are received (Application form, ACRA business profile, Product listing) and your payment is cleared, you will receive your GS1 company prefix within 7 working days.

How long does the company prefix belong to my company?

Your initial registration fee licenses the prefix to you for one year. After that, you'll pay an annual renewal fee to continue using the company prefix for your barcodes.

How much is the registration fee?

The initial entrance fee is S$750.00 plus annual subscription fee based on company paid up capital (CAT A S$750.00, CAT B S$1,200.00, CAT C S$1,500.00). For this fee, you will also have access to an online reference library of supply chain standards, implementation guides, education webinars, and customer support. You'll also have access to weCATALOG, an online member’s portal for manage your products information and create barcodes.

Please refer to the GS1 Singapore Registered User application form for more details.

 What information do I need to register?

  • Completed application form
  • Acra business profile with paid-up capital stated
  • Product listing of the products you need to barcode
  • Original completed GIRO form for following year subscription payment.

How many numbers do I get?

It comes in blocks of 1000, 10,000 or 100,000. We allocate based on company needs. On the application form, please indicate the number of block you required. Should you need more than 100,000, we will need you to submit justification of that needs. We don't allocate your individual numbers. You allocate your own product numbers and add them to your membership number.

Do you keep a register of the numbers I have assigned to my products?

No, you need to keep an up-to-date master record of the numbers you have assigned to your products. However, you may also use the GS1 weCATALOG, an online product depository to record your product data electronically.

I only need one or two bar code numbers. Is there other choice besides joining as full membership?

You may join the single-13 digit bar code membership, please refer to the Single-13 digit membership application form for more details. Note that this membership is only applicable for company which wish to bar code less than 5 products.

Do you provide me with the actual bar codes or how do I go about it?

No, we provide with the numbers only, there is a list of Solution Partners on our website and included in your New Members Package, these companies can help you out with the printing of bar codes.

In the event when my company no longer need to use the GS1 prefix, what shall we do?

Based on terms and conditions, company wish no longer wish to use the GS1 prefix can send in an official written notice to GS1 Singapore via email or letter (and require three months advance notice).

Before your company can resign from GS1 Singapore, things to ensure:

  • Ensure that all products baring GS1 prefix/barcode issued and used must be removed from the retail shelf.
  • Completed and send back the members’ resignation declaration form.
  • Settle the outstanding subscription fee
  • Return the GS1 Singapore Members’ certificate.

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Please prepare the following documents before proceeding:
  • Latest ACRA Business Profile with an issued date not longer than 6 months prior to the current date of application.
  • Download and fill up your product information in the following excel template:
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