Sustainable business: How e-invoicing helps your company and the environment

June 23, 2021

Article Courtesy of Pagero

Did you know that creating paper invoices uses as much energy per year as the consumption of 20 million households? That’s a lot, but most people don’t consider how seemingly small things could make any difference in the big picture. But they do. Here’s why making the switch to e-invoicing is a sustainable business practice that benefits both the environment and your business.

Technology provides better solutions for the environment

Think about it: how many papers does your department have lying around the office? Invoices moving from desk to desk, only to be scanned back into the system and in the end, thrown away?

Besides involving chopping down trees, paper invoices have a short life cycle, making them not so good for the environment. Paper invoices are responsible for a whopping ten percent of all trees cut down worldwide. Today, the technology exists to replace paper entirely – technology that will actually bring enormous benefits to your financial control and handling – so this ten percent could have easily been avoided.

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