Are you manufacturing and selling your products in China?

According to GS1 China's requirement, overseas companies manufacturing and distributing products in China will need to file in their barcodes with GS1 China and get verification from GS1 Singapore.

These are the following guidelines:

1) Get your barcode (Global Trade Item Number - GTIN) from GS1 Singapore for your product which will be manufactured and sold in China. To find out more on how to get a barcode, please click here to check out various type of membership categories. 

2) Once you have received a barcode, upload your product information into weCATALOG 

3) Register an account via 

4) After we have verified your product information in weCATALOG; we will provide you required forms to fill in. 

5) We will send completed forms on your behalf to GS1 China to verify your local membership. 

6) Once the verification process is completed by GS1 China, we will notify you on the approval. 

Call us at +65 - 6826 3077 or write to to find out more about the procedure.