What can our Solution Partners offer?

Barcode Solution

  • Barcode Printer
  • Barcode Reader/Scanner
  • Barcode Verifier
  • Barcode Label & printing
  • Asset & Inventory 
  •    Management
  • Project Consultancy & 
  •    Management

    EPC/RFID Solution

  • RFID Hardware
  • RFID Software
  • RFID Tag/Label & Encoding
  • Software Middleware 
  •    Developer
  • Project Consultancy & 
  •    Management

    Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Solution

  • EDI Platform
  • B2B E-com

  • System and Software Integration

  • Warehouse Mgt. System
  • Supply Chain Mgt.
  • Risk Mgt. Solutions
  • Customer Relationship Mgt.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Enterprise Application 
  •    Integration
  • Fleet Mgt. System

  • GS1 Singapore Solution Partners


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    News & Press Release

    SATO Helps Leading Fashion Retailer Decks Implement RFID Inventory and Stock-Take System

    Singapore, February 16, 2016 – SATO (TOKYO:6287), a global provider of Auto-ID solutions that empower workforces and streamline operations today announced that it supported the implementation of an RFID inventory and stock-taking system for Decks, one of the leading fashion retailers and apparel suppliers in Singapore.

    SATO’s Trace Eye FOOD-Pro solution implemented at Woodlands Sunny Foods

    Singapore, July 22, 2015 – SATO (TSE:6287), a global provider of Auto-ID solutions that empower workforces and streamline operations today announced that its Trace Eye FOOD-Pro solution has been implemented at Woodlands Sunny Foods Pte. Ltd., a manufacturer of confectionery and baking ingredients located in Singapore that operates under Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. in Japan.

    Serialisation & Traceability: Protecting Brands From Rip-Offs in China

    How can companies exporting to China ensure that only their product sells under their own brand in the market, and not lesser quality rip-offs?

    China is not only one of the world's biggest markets but also one of the world's counterfeiting "superpowers", according to the UN Office and Drugs and Crime, which estimates that almost 70% of all counterfeits seized globally originate in the country.

    Article & Case Study

    Enterprise Labeling for Dummies

    This book is the definitive source on Enterprise Labeling for Dummies and non-Dummies alike! It offers an easy to understand explanation of Enterprise Labeling and how it can help a company streamline their supply chain processes through better labeling.

    Transforming to a ‘Digital Enterprise’: Key Steps for Small and Medium Businesses

    Article Courtesy of Quatrro LPO Solutions

    We live in a digital world where disruption and innovation have emerged as the “new normal”. The pace of change is rapid and possesses the ability to transform our lives by offering alternative and superior products and technologies that will enhance ‘product-price performance’ equation for the end-user.

    Applying a ‘Marginal Gains’ Approach to Improving Retail Supply Chain Performance

    Article Courtesy of OpenText - Written by Mr Mark Morley, Director, Strategic Product Marketing for Business Network

    Today’s retailers are under constant pressure to adapt their business strategies to meet ever changing consumer demands whilst at the same time improve the day to day performance of their supply chain operations.

    Do you know how adopting a ‘marginal gains’ approach to implementing a B2B environment can help improve the overall performance of retail-based supply chain operations?

    For companies in Singapore, if you would like further information on this article, please contact Seo Hejin at 6594 2379 or send an email to hseo@opentext.com.

    Technology & Innovation

    Get More, Do More with 2D Imagers from Zebra

    Zebra Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

    Did you know that not all barcodes are created equal? Different barcode languages support different types and amount of data, which depends on your business needs.

    Discover the black-and-white on the most widely adopted method of data transmission

    Shining Light on 2D Imagers

    Zebra Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

    For decades, businesses have relied on laser scanners to efficiently capture barcode data. In recent years, however, many retailers have begun to reassess their relationship with traditional laser technology, thanks to a host of new applications that are driving the move to imaging across several markets.

    Learn how your business can benefit from 2D imagers

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    GS1 Standards Event 2016